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How Kmarks is helping small business entrepreneurs navigate the digital marketing?

email vs social media
Kmarks, LLC CEO Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Smith, CEO & CIW Professional

According to Kenneth Smith, CEO, Kmarks Web & Computer Solutions; many small businesses may be hurting themselves by not understanding the relevance and importance of holding an online presence in the modern-day business world.

If your small business isn’t maximizing the benefits of being present online, you are not alone. However, many of your competitors have built a credible online presence and as a result, are likely pulling ahead of you.

We know the important of a sound web presence and that’s why Kmarks uses a wide range of digital marketing tool to help our clients dominate their market area. Just as it’s important to understand digital marketing, business owner should analyze market share and measure their Return on Investment (RIO).

We know small businesses rely solely on social media for their web presence. I can’t argue with the fact that it helps to create revenue, but when it comes to the hierarchy of importance, all digital marketing avenues should be utilized especially email. Some might argue social media is out pacing email but, when you look at the actual effectiveness of email compared to social media, it would be wise to integrate both.

Email Facebook Twitter
Total number of users 2.6B 1.7B 313M
First online “check” of the day 58% 11% 2%
Use this channel at least daily 91% 57% 14%
Prefer this channel for permission-based promotional messages 77% 4% 1%

So which yields the greatest ROI: email marketing, or social media?

A 2016 study by GetResponse found that email marketing clearly delivers the highest overall ROI (social media came in second). The reason email has a higher ROI and is better for generating leads could be partially because customers acquired through email have a higher lifetime value than those acquired through social media.

Think about this for a moment. It’s not that consumers just prefer that a business have a website. More than half of consumers won’t trust your business if it doesn’t have an online presence.
So, if you’re a business owner, let’s get started today; because very day you don’t you’re one step behind your competitors.

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