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Kmarks Web and Computer Solutions: Helping Small Businesses Compete

Kmarks Web & Computer Solutions

By Mikala McCurry

Kmarks Web and Computer Solutions, owned and operated by Ken Smith, started as a one-person shop and has developed into a full-service web marketing agency for small businesses. The idea and purpose of Kmarks Web and Computer Solutions was designed around small businesses and helping them grow. “The purpose of this is always about looking at small businesses and helping them compete with their brand and web presence with medium and large businesses.” Ken Smith sees the development of a professional, full-service web presence as a “lost art.” That’s where his firm comes in and discusses ways to automate procedures to help the business scale and grow through their web presence.

Kmarks Web and Computer Solutions was originally designed to go out and look for business solutions to help clients with not only website design, but also system processing. “One of the first places that I came across that I created a network for was Blue Ridge Kennel,” Ken said. “I partnered with a kennel software company called Pet Exec, which became the kennel software application I used to simplify their processes.” As Ken began looking at the footprint of small businesses online and saw that it was not sufficient or competitive, he began to focus solely on website development and digital footprint for small businesses.

Kmarks Web and Computer Solutions does not start with building a web site; they start with indexing to connect the dots of a business’s brand and online presence. They help businesses understand the importance of competing. “I want to know what your current web reputation is right now so I can cultivate your current reputation out there into what you want it to be so that it can be competitive,” Ken said. Kmarks also analyzes the branding associated with a business’s online presence to enhance consistency across the board to help small businesses grow their brand.

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