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Optimizing Your Site and Why it’s Important?

I guess you can imagine how many times we’re asked about SEO; even when our clients don’t know what it means.  Well, we know they really mean “Results”!  Here is a great explanation of Search Engine Optimization explained by Squarespace.com to help you understand why it’s important for your business.

If you already understand SEO, then you know there is no single answer.  It’s just those who get results and those who don’t!  Recently, we partner with a nationwide group of independent luxury Video Game Truck owners; that delivers state-of-the-art video gaming vehicles that come right to your door!  After redesign and optimization, these websites rank in the top three (3) google search results in their target market.

See it for yourself, click the google search results for each listing!

Search Engine Optimization

Cyber Game Truck     Cyber Game Truck, Auburn AL

 Gamerz Truck, Kentucky

Game Time Entertainment Game Time Entertainment, Macon GA

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